We use light to create warm and inviting spaces.

Well designed lighting enhances the environment and doesn’t solely focus on fixtures. An effective project is one that invites a positive response—“Wow, this is a great space!” The lighting isn’t the star, the entire space is.

We honor your goals
and creativity.

We work with you to create a lighting environment that realizes your goals for the space while honoring your budget. You’re an essential partner in the design process and we will work together to develop a lighting system or solution that you can be proud of. We always keep your needs in mind and take an active interest in how you will live, work, or play in the space.

We respect your budget.

We work hard to find solutions that maintain the integrity of the design while staying within your financial guidelines. We keep you informed throughout the design process, communicating recommended changes and their impact on your budget. Our billing practices are honest and transparent—there are never any surprises.

We value everyone
on your team.

We engage in professional, respectful, communication with everyone involved in your project—the architect, interior designer, homeowner, electrician, contractor, executive level decision makers…everyone has valuable insight into planning and creating your final lighting design.

Your project is perfect for us.

Our educated, award-winning and experienced team provides quality lighting design and consultation for projects of any scope. Interior, exterior, large or small spaces, residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, new construction or remodel—your project is never too small or too complex.

Location is not an obstacle—we’ve worked on projects from Seattle to Spain to South Africa. Airports, email, and smartphones mean we’re rarely more than a day away and the lines of communication are always open.

No matter the scope of your project, we’re honored by your decision to work with Lumen Design.

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